Mary Beth Grimm

Fitness has always been an instrumental part of Mary Beth's life. Sharing the benefits of movement with music has been one of her greatest joys.

Beginning her journey as a cheerleader and competing into her early 20’s, she is now dedicated to motivating and encouraging women through dance, strength, and positivity. 

In 2008 she discovered the surge of confidence and happiness dance fitness provided becoming an AFAA certified group fitness instructor and training in the art of pole dance. Since then Mary Beth has been ecstatically teaching her original, high energy, fun fitness classes. In 2017 she was certified in BUTI Yoga which has been an excellent addition to her dance fitness program.

"Consistency is the key to success, and there is nothing more consistent than my dedication to providing quality classes that make you feel amazing, empowered, and strong."


AFAA/NASM Group Fitness Instructor

BUTI® Yoga Certification


Emily Murray

Local aerial and fitness instructor located in the greater Danbury area. She began her aerial journey in 2007, starting with pole then taking up lyra (aerial hoop) in 2016. From there, Emily has spent countless hours practicing lyra, pole, and aerial sling along with teaching and attending the classes of her fellow instructors.


She now teaches beginner pole, pole inversions, a low-flow pole class named "Floor-Play", as well as lyra to both adult and youth students. Emily is certified in Buti Yoga and enjoys teaching lower body workouts. She hopes her journey will bring body positivity, strength and confidence to those she teaches.


ACE accredited Cirqfit Lyra Certification

Liquid Motion 1.0 Certification
BUTI® Yoga Certification

Allison Donofrio

Allison has been in the fitness industry for over 10 years and holds certifications in Buti Yoga and CirqFIT.


She’s passionate about working with other women to help guide them through their fitness journey. Allison’s high energy is shown in her classes as she engages all of her clients to have fun while challenging themselves.

ACE accredited Cirqfit Lyra Certification

BUTI® Yoga Certification


Kaysa Cruse

Fitness has been a main factor in my life. It has been everything for me; a passion, an income, therapy in dark times, and a way to share myself with others, and most importantly a great way to connect with other women. I have been in the fields of fitness and nutrition for the past 15 years. Starting at 18 with teaching personal training and pole dancing; expanding from there to nutrition, fitness classes of all kinds, aerial classes including multiple levels of pole, aerial yoga, lyra (aerial hoop), participating in bikini and figure competitions as well as coaching others for them. I have been certified in Group X, Personal Training, and several other unique certifications. Most recently, I am working on finishing my exercise science degree. 

I am thrilled to be sharing my life long love fitness with all of you!



Personal Training